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DIN EN ISO 11507:2007涂料和清漆.涂层暴露于人工风蚀.暴露于荧光紫外灯和水

DIN EN ISO 11507:2007发行信息

标准号:DIN EN ISO 11507:2007


发行方:STANDARD by DIN-adopted European-adopted ISO Standard


英文名:Paints and varnishes - Exposure of coatings to artificial weathering - Exposure to fluorescent UV lamps and water (ISO 11507:2007); German version EN ISO 11507:2007

DIN EN ISO 11507

DIN EN ISO 11507:2007适用范围


This International Standard specifies exposure conditions for paint coatings exposed to artificial weathering in apparatus including fluorescent UV lamps and condensation or water spray. The effects of weathering are evaluated separately by comparative testing of chosen parameters. NOTE The ultraviolet light produced by fluorescent lamps simulates only part of the UV region of natural sunlight and, consequently, the test pieces are subjected to a small but destructive portion of the spectrum. Due to the lack of visible and infra-red energy in the light from such UV lamps compared to sunlight, the test pieces are not heated above the temperature of the surrounding air in the way in which they would be in practical use.

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